Coming Early 2020

First Generation Wealth

A book designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn enduring strategies for building a meaningful and lasting legacy.


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Learn effective strategies for a lasting legacy:

grow your business

Grow Your Business

Run your business with an eye to the future. Learn best practices to position your business for a successful exit/sale down the road.

sell your business

Sell Your Business

You will come to a fork in the road. What will you do? Planning ahead will optimize outcomes to help you make the best decision.

manage your wealth

Manage Your Wealth

Managing a business is different from managing wealth. Learn how to protect your legacy and define your purpose after you sell your business.

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Simple Insightful Guidance


A practical guide for the hard-working wealth creator navigating and serving the best interests of their family, business partners, clients and employees. 

Written by two veteran entrepreneurs and financial professionals, this book shares compelling insights and guidance to help you create a life of enduring wealth and purpose.

Your Generational Roadmap

Wealth planning experts estimate that 70% of second generations and 90% of third generations squander their inheritances, known as the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves phenomenon. Will your family wealth and relationships evaporate as well? Instead, learn how to build a legacy that lasts.

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First Generation Wealth becomes available Early 2020. 

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